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The Lifted Brow is a bi-monthly print magazine from Australia and the world. Every two months we publish fiction, essays, art, comics, photography and commentary on anything and everything.

The Lifted Brow's first ebook features ten stories from the likes of Aimee Harrison, Oliver Mestitz, Alanna Schubach, Kevin Lavey, Jacqueline Vogtman, Rob Walsh, Z.Z. Boone, Jonathan Callahan, Sean Kilpatrick, Paul Kavanagh, Brandon Hobson, Luke Johnson, and Annie Christain.

All that, alongside original illustrations and photographs (and tape art murals) from Tony Morse, Eryk Salvaggio, Nicholas Modrzewski, Lucy Parakhina, Rawaan Alkhatib, and Mia Taninaka. Yeah. Whew.

The people who wrote these stories are real. The artists are real. Your rulings are final.

Writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak, who died earlier this year, once on the Colbert Report said this about ebooks: “Fuck them is what I say. I hate those ebooks. They cannot be the future. They may well be. I will be dead. I won't give a shit.” Maurice, I reckon you might’ve liked this one.

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  • NYWFeFair fiction journal
    Language: English / Published: 14 September 2012


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    The Lifted Brow

    The Lifted Brow is a bimonthly magazine from Australia and the world. It's edited and published by Sam Cooney, designed by Elwyn Murray, Johannes Jakob reads and edits fiction, and Ellena Savage edits Middlebrow, our arts liftout. Founding editor/publisher Ronnie Scott is still here too, thank god.

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